Some recommendations on what to do in Asilah

Asilah is a small, quiet town on the Atlantic coast, south of Tangier. Although more people are discovering it, for the time being it’s largely off the main tourist trail. The whitewashed media is refreshingly traffic-free and the views from the ramparts of the 15th century fortress across the ocean on a sunny day are gorgeous. It’s a small city and I will show you what are the best activities in Asilah.

Today, the self-proclaimed “City of Art” hosts the yearly Cultural Moussem of Asilah that draws artists, art dealers, musicians, poets and performers from around the world. To commemorate the summertime festival, many of the medina walls are used as murals, making the entire medina one of the major tourist attractions.

Discover the pearl of Morocco !


Kitesurf - Best activities in Asilah


Try to relax and feel the wind and kite with sensitivity, not brute strength.

Mohamed, the instructor, is incredibly nice and makes sure we have the best wind conditions to learn, adjusting the time we are having the lessons.
The spot is amazing. The instructor is very patient, explaining carefully and made sure we always are safe. All that made us learn very quickly and had very good sensations on the board.

By the end of a course, you should have the knowledge and full skill set to make independent decisions and practise safely. This includes being able to assess each location and have a full grasp of weather, wind, tides and their impact, as well as knowing how to stay safe in all conditions. One of the best sporting activity in Asilah.

Phone: +212 6 61 43 55 20

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Tanger Quad- Best activities in Asilah


Hiking and excursions with 4-wheeler in the north of Assilah (Ain Jdioui). Escape in the mountains of the Rif to discover the region in an orginal way.

There is a short safety briefing and a couple of laps on the practice circuit and then we were off. We flew at speed on rough and challenging tracks, Florence leading the way and giving clear warnings when it was necessary to slow down. For almost 3 hours we rode through the mountains, occasionally stopping to take in breathtaking views. 

You will saw wonderful small villages, lakes and mountains. The terrain is tough and challenging as hoped for. Florence clearly loves what she does – the smile on her face the whole time only matched ours.

Phone: +212 6 61 85 62 20


SPA AL ALBA - Best activities in Asilah


In the Hotel Al Alba they have created an intimate space dedicated to your care. In three rooms (relaxation, mild and warn) they recreate the traditional process of the baths of the Moroccan hammam.

A small, charming hammam, built with a subtle harmony of forms; a small peaceful corner by the sea. An inn for the traveler who is seeking calm and relaxation. Recently built according to the sober style and serene forms of the Arabic architecture, with terrace where to rest and recover the strength; an unforgettable place and a reason to come back.

Phone: +212 6 13 42 91 90


Asilah - Best activities in Asilah


45 minutes drive from Tangier, and you will get to that old sweety town, a small fishing city.

Every year in the month of August is celebrated the International Cultural Festival in Asilah city, aimed at all kinds of art forms. Situated next to the ancient Portuguese wall where you can see its architectural heritage is still reflected in the floor of the promenade.

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