What are the most beautiful beaches in Asilah?

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The beaches in Asilah: your complete guide.

The beaches in Asilah are not just stretches of sand where you can sunbathe and swim. They are the soul of this Moroccan city, places where history, relaxation, and adventure come together. In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover these beaches, from the shores closest to the heart of Asilah to more remote spots accessible by car for those seeking an authentic escape.

Asilah, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, evokes serenity, culture, and natural beauty. If this charming city is beloved by travelers from around the world, it is largely thanks to its exceptionally beautiful beaches. You are about to discover a piece of paradise where golden sand harmoniously merges with the waves of the Atlantic.

So, prepare your towel, put on your swimsuit, and follow us to explore these coastal treasures.

Beaches in Asilah (City Beach)

The elegance of the medina

👣 5 minutes on foot

The historic Asilah beach disappeared in part due to the construction of the port. A small cove known as the ‘Cannons Beach’ remains, located near the medina’s ramparts (accessible within just a 5-minute walk from Riad DAR EL MAQ). It offers a unique elegance thanks to its proximity to Asilah’s famous whitewashed walls. Discover a place where history harmoniously blends with golden sand and the waves of the Atlantic.

Heading north after the port, you’ll find the extensive urban beach at the end of the coastal promenade. The Asilah beach is also known as the ‘City Beach’ The expanse of golden sand stretches along the coast, creating a generous space for sunbathing, beach games, and impromptu soccer matches. In the summer, you can also find cafés and restaurants nearby to enjoy a coffee, tea, or grilled sardines while taking in the view of the infinite horizon.

Sidi Mughait Beach

The haven for watersport enthusiasts

🚙 25 minutes by car

Located approximately 12 kilometers south of Asilah, Sidi Mughait Beach offers a striking contrast to the bustling life of the city. This peaceful stretch of sand is framed by spectacular sand dunes, creating a postcard-worthy landscape. The constant winds make it a preferred spot for watersport enthusiasts (surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing), while those seeking tranquility can simply relax and enjoy the serenity of this preserved place.

Surf enthusiasts gather here as soon as the waves form into beautiful barrels. The place exudes an atmosphere that is both peaceful, wild, and imbued with a bohemian touch, creating a profound sense of freedom.

However, in the summer, be prepared to deal with heavy crowds. The charming beach establishments, called chiringuitos, will delight you with their delicious sardines and tajines, while the sun loungers invite you to relax and laze.

Be cautious about the condition of the road leading to this destination. Depending on the seasons, you may encounter stretches of road that are more or less well-maintained.

Paradise beach / las cuevas / Rmilat

The wild beach with a thousand names

🚙 25 minutes by car

The beach known as ‘Paradise Beach’ or ‘Las Cuevas’ or ‘Rmilat’ (each may call it as they wish) offers an idyllic beach experience. Its calm and shallow waters make it perfect for families (though be cautious of the waves).

The cliffs that border the beach create a breathtaking landscape, and the spaces are perfect for an outdoor lunch. Rmilat is the perfect place to recharge, whether you want to swim, have a picnic, or simply admire the view.

Be cautious about the condition of the road leading to this destination. Depending on the seasons, you may encounter stretches of road that are more or less well-maintained.

Tangier beach

A Mediterranean oasis

🚙 60 minutes by car

Although slightly farther from Asilah, Tangier Beach is a must-visit. About 1 hour’s drive away, Tangier offers a lively beach with many activities, fresh seafood restaurants, and a beautiful view. One of the most appreciated aspects of Tangier Beach is the view it offers of the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, and the Rif Mountains, creating a stunning panorama. You can also observe the passage of ships and ferries connecting Africa to Europe.

You can also enjoy a camel ride or even trot on horseback along the beach by the water.

It’s also the perfect spot to enjoy warmer water and the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea. Take advantage of your trip to discover restaurants that are much more diverse than in Asilah.

Each of these Asilah beaches has its own personality and offers a unique experience. Whether you’re looking for peaceful relaxation, water adventures, spectacular landscapes, or the perfect family getaway, Asilah’s beaches have something to offer every traveler. Just choose the one that best suits your mood of the day to experience unforgettable moments on the Moroccan Atlantic coast.