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Who will you contact in Asilah?

A member of the DAR EL MAQ Asilah family, here to make your life easier. As lovers of this incredibly charming city, we know almost all its secrets.

However, for the most secret of secrets, we have the support of a co-host, a resident of Asilah with a comprehensive address book to provide you with an authentic native experience of this region.

Feel free to ask us any questions about our accommodation and Asilah!

Whether it’s about getting to Asilah, the current weather, the best breakfast spots, upcoming art festivals, or must-see activities, we’re here to enlighten you. Need to discover the most beautiful beaches, find fresh seafood, or savor delicious local cuisine? We’ve got the answers. Looking for a great restaurant or a place to buy alcohol? We have suggestions. However, when you ask about the best hotel in Asilah, we have a slight conflict of interest (we plead guilty for DAR EL MAQ 😄).

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Before reaching out to us, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Asilah and our accommodation. You might find the answer to your question there, along with some useful information.

For any other questions or reservation requests in Asilah, contact us. We’re here to make your stay unforgettable and make you feel at home in this beautiful coastal town. Do you have a question? We have the answer!

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